Graduated Laurel Springs School at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ventura Beach, California

Li Cari Fashion Show pictured with Aimee Teegarden

Release of Music Video "Boyfriend"

Filmed FORD Mustang Commercial

Accepted into Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California

Zoe Myers Birthday Party

Filmed ABC Soap Opera "General Hospital"

Filmed Comedy Central "Gong Show" with Dave Attell

"Seems Like Yesterday" Premiere

Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception


Nominated for Leading Young Actress in a Short Film "Bench"

Young Artist Awards Nomination Party

Filmed short film "Christmas in the Asylum"

Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception

Opened for the OMNI Youth Music Awards

Santa Barbara, California

2008 CARE Awards

Filmed "Paragon" with director Jimmy Nabi

Opened for the 29th Annual Young Artist Awards

Newport Beach Film Festival with Joe Pantane

New York City